Examination & Promotion

Examination &


1. Periodic Progress Reports after each examination are given to the parents to keep them informed of the progress of their wards. Parents are requested to sign the reports and consult the class/subject teachers. 2. As Army Public School Narangi is following a continuous and comprehensive system of evaluation, performance will be adjudged on the basis of the following : (a) For Classes I to V, the assessment will be based on the three terms.
  • TERM I 30%
  • FA1 – May
  • FA2 – July
  • TERM II 30%
  • FA3 – September
  • FA4 – November
  • TERM III 40%
  • FA5 – January
  • FA6 – March
For class VI to X
  • TERM I: (April to September)
  • FA1 – 10%
  • FA2 – 10%
  • SA1 – 30%
  • TERM II: (October to March)
  • FA3 – 10%
  • FA4 – 10%
  • SA2 – 30%
(c) For class XI the weightage will be given as per the following criteria.
  • (i) Unit Test – 20% (Unit Test I : 10% + Unit Test II : 10%)
  • (ii) Half Yearly Examination – 30%
  • (iii) Final Examination – 50% (Annual 40% + Internal Assessment 10%)
3. All answer scripts for all examinations will be shown to the parents.


4. The Formative Assessment will include assignments, projects, class/group activities as well as the tests.Summative Assessment will be conducted at the end of each term. It is mandatory for children to appear in all the tests. No exemption will be entertained under any circumstances. 5. For class XI, there will be one Annual examination to be held in March and a Half Yearly examination to be held in September. Apart from these, two unit tests will be held.Final assessment will be made on cumulative performance. 6. Leave on Medical ground (on the basis of an authentic medical certificate) may be given due consideration according to the merit of the case. 7. Using unfair means during tests/examinations will result in cancellation of that particular paper. However, if repeated subsequently, the student will be debarred from appearing in the rest of the examination and may also be expelled from the school. 8. Non-payment of fees will debar a student from sitting for an examination. 9. It is mandatory to pass both theory and practical examination in class XI Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Bio-Technology, Geography, Computer Science, Psychology and Informatics Practices for promotion to class XII. 10. A student is required to put in 100% of the total attendance during the academic session to enable him/her to be promoted to the next class. In a transfer case,attendance of the previous school shall be taken into account. 11. A student who fails once in the Annual Examination may be admitted in the same class of the school as a specialcase at the discretion of the Principal. A student who fails twice will not be admitted 12. Attendance in all examinations is compulsory. Board examinees should have 100% attendance to fill up the form. They have to pass in all subjects in the Half Yearly Examination. 13. Internal Assessment are conducted whenever found necessary.
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